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Work with experienced legal counsel to negotiate executive compensation issues

Previously, we began looking at the issue of executive compensation, particularly in light of Texas A&M’s ongoing deliberation about whether to offer its current Chancellor an early contract extension. As we noted last time, businesses need to carefully balance the need to attract highly qualified professionals with financial limitations and the need to protect business interests.

Looking at state, federal trade secret protection laws

For businesses, projecting proprietary information is an important task for remaining competitive in the marketplace. This is particularly important for businesses in competitive industries. There are a variety of ways to protect valuable business information, but one of the most common means of protecting valuable business information is through trade secret protections.

Starting a business in Texas? Tips to help finance your dream.

Entrepreneurs starting their own business must raise capital to make their dream a reality. There are a number of avenues available to help provide these funds, and it is wise to have a basic understanding of all your options before taking out a business loan.

Using non-compete agreements to protect businesses interests in TX, P.2

Last time, we began looking at non-compete agreements, both as to their potential role in protecting sensitive business information, including intellectual property rights, as well as to the requirements for these agreements to be enforceable under Texas law.

Using non-compete agreements to protect businesses interests in TX, P.1

In recent posts, we’ve looked at the recently initiated patent litigation involving Apple, commenting on the importance of businesses obtaining appropriate legal protections for intellectual property and enforcing taking appropriate action when they are threatened or infringed. As we noted last time, though, it is also important for companies to protect their intellectual property by managing workers who have access to intellectual property and other protected business information.

Apple involved in more iPhone patent litigation

In any highly competitive industry, it is important for companies to protect their innovative designs and business plans by covering them with appropriate legal protections. This can include copyrighting, patenting, and trademarking, as well as designating trade secrets. It also has to include enforcing these intellectual property rights when they are infringed by competitors.

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