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New report shows Chinese investors largest single group in commercial real estate market

In recent posts on this blog, we’ve been discussing the findings of a recent study released by the National Association of Realtors showing that Texas is among the most active markets for foreign investment in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate transactions with foreign buyers: work with skilled legal counsel

Previously, we mentioned that a recent National Association of Realtors survey found Texas to be one of the most active markets in the United States in terms of foreign investment in commercial real estate. As we noted last time, there are often special considerations in commercial real estate transactions involving foreign buyers, and addressing these considerations is important to ensuring a successful transaction.

Realtor group: Texas a hotspot for foreign investment in commercial real estate

One of the trends in commercial real estate readers may have heard about in recent years is that foreign buying of U.S. real estate is on the increase. According to a recent survey published by the National Association of Realtors, 20 percent of its commercial real estate members reported having closed at least one sale with a foreign buyer in 2016.

Study ranks Texas near top in nation in terms of commercial real estate activity

Commercial real estate is a large, important industry, and according to a recent analysis, it is especially important in the state of Texas. At a national level, commercial real estate development and construction made up $861 billion of the gross domestic product in 2015, and supported a total of 6.25 million jobs.

Work with experienced legal counsel to perform due diligence before land acquisition

In our last post, we began to look at the University of Texas’ decision to purchase a tract of land in Houston, and some of the criticism of that decision. As we noted, the University chose to acquire the land before knowing exactly how it would put the tract to use. Again, performance of due diligence in raw land acquisition is, or should be, closely tied to the intended use of the property.

University of Texas criticized for acquisition of polluted tract of land in Houston

Due diligence is an important task in the commercial real estate industry. When a business or developer is looking to purchase property for an intended purpose, it is critical that due diligence is done to ensure that the property is suitable for that purpose and that the project is feasible.  

Looking at some of the basics on water rights in Texas, P.2

Previously, we began discussing some of the basic principles of water rights in Texas, with respect to both surface water and groundwater. As we noted last time, water rights can be purchased, sold and leased, and this can occur in various ways according to different terms.

Looking at some of the basics on water rights in Texas, P.1

Water rights can be an important consideration in the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial real estate. This is especially true for development projects for which surface water or groundwater ownership is an integral element. Knowing how to navigate Texas water rights law and transactions is important in these cases.

Looking at some potential upcoming changes in the commercial real estate industry, P.2

Last time, we began looking at some of the changes that are in store for the commercial real estate industry going forward under President Trump. As we noted last time, even before Trump was elected there was an increase in non-bank lending due to the heavy requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act.

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