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January 2017 Archives

Reasons to merge -- and why many mergers fail

Business mergers have about as high a success rate as marriages: somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 percent. For each one that succeeds, one fails. If you're considering a merger or acquisition, you no doubt want yours to be the one that succeeds. You have your work cut out for you, as you likely already know. Being armed with the knowledge of potential pitfalls will help you decide whether this proposed partnership is a likely candidate for success, and help you navigate the many choices ahead.

Seek sound legal advice before entering into loan participation agreements, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of loan participation agreements, which are common in commercial lending. As we noted, there are certain risks associated with these agreements and it is important for all parties involved to clearly establish the rights and duties of all involved lenders.

Seek sound legal advice before entering into loan participation agreements, P.1

Mortgage lending is not an easy area to navigate, particularly for those involved in complex transactions. Not only is there a need to abide by state and federal lending laws, there is also a need to carefully structure agreements so that transactions go as smoothly as possible and don’t lead to legal liability and financial loss.

Technology licensing an important part of protecting intellectual property rights

Intellectual property disputes between companies often involve the issue of licensing. It is critical for businesses with valuable intellectual property, especially in highly competitive and swiftly evolving industries, to build a sound approach to licensing. Doing so not only protects and defends intellectual property rights, but also can bring in significant revenue.

Using non-compete agreements to protect businesses interests in TX, P.2

Last time, we began looking at non-compete agreements, both as to their potential role in protecting sensitive business information, including intellectual property rights, as well as to the requirements for these agreements to be enforceable under Texas law.

Using non-compete agreements to protect businesses interests in TX, P.1

In recent posts, we’ve looked at the recently initiated patent litigation involving Apple, commenting on the importance of businesses obtaining appropriate legal protections for intellectual property and enforcing taking appropriate action when they are threatened or infringed. As we noted last time, though, it is also important for companies to protect their intellectual property by managing workers who have access to intellectual property and other protected business information.

Apple iPhone litigation highlights importance of IP rights, employment agreements

In our last post, we began looking at recently initiated litigation between Apple and Nokia over alleged patent violations. As we noted last time, it is critical for businesses in highly competitive industries to be solicitous about protecting their intellectual property rights, both in terms of obtaining the proper legal protections and enforcing those protections against companies that infringe upon intellectual property rights. Apple has certainly been active in patent litigation over its iPhone products.

Apple involved in more iPhone patent litigation

In any highly competitive industry, it is important for companies to protect their innovative designs and business plans by covering them with appropriate legal protections. This can include copyrighting, patenting, and trademarking, as well as designating trade secrets. It also has to include enforcing these intellectual property rights when they are infringed by competitors.

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