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December 2017 Archives

Tax reform law impacts different areas of business

Since its conception, the sweeping tax law passed last week has been hurdling through Congress at a brisk pace. With numerous areas being reformed, keeping abreast of all the changes has been difficult as both the House and Senate were forced to give and take. Now that the finalized bill is signed into law, the changes will begin taking effect on January 1, 2018.

Business law attorneys help steer acquisitions to completion

Many Texas companies are involved in acquisitions and mergers with other companies nationally and worldwide. A company will often seek out others that can fill a void or allow for improvement in a certain niche of its activities. A recent transaction in another state is indicative of small company acquisitions that regularly take place. Business law attorneys are an integral part of the professional team that is necessary to carry the transaction through to completion.

Commercial real estate guidelines for spotting the serious buyer

The commercial real estate business in Texas these days is reportedly robust and active. In such an environment, several inquiries and offers may come in on any particular commercial real estate property that is on the market. With that volume of activity, the seller often needs to determine the quality of the supposed buyer that is encountered.

Common rules for commercial real estate investments

Real estate investors in Texas sometimes start with single family residences that they rent out. When an investor feels confident with that kind of property, he or she may move on to multi-family projects and into other areas of commercial real estate. For those who are unsure of the process of moving into multi-family and commercial investments, there are some general rules to consider.

Business law attorneys must be in sync with innovative technology

In Texas and nationwide, the rapidly expanding frontiers of technological knowledge are revolutionizing the practice of business law. The excellence of a law firm's legal prowess is still vitally important, but it is no longer the sole criteria that companies use in turning to outside counsel for business law assistance. The successful practice must now be technologically savvy and innovative as well, according to experts in the field.

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