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W-4 to get a reboot — IRS offers employers a glimpse of new form

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will release a new and allegedly improved Form W-4 in the near future. The agency states the changes will help better ensure Form W-4 is in line with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The changes could mean complications for employers. To help ease the transition, the agency provided employers with an early view of the form.

The not-so-secret trick to commercial real estate investment

Creative entrepreneurs and investors dream up as many plans to grow their wealth as their imaginations allow. But only a narrow segment of those plans will fit through the special "like-kind" tax deferring provision built into the revised U.S. tax code.

According to The New York Times, investors have taken advantage of the 1031 like-kind exchange for decades. Broadly, it lets them take proceeds from sale of one investment and apply it tax-free toward the purchase of one or more similar investments. Before passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the 1031 exchange tax break stood open to a range of properties including aircraft and equipment. Now it's closed to everything but real estate.

Recent Qualcomm ruling serves as reminder of goal of IP rights

Intellectual property is a niche area that involves legal protections such as patents. Patents reward the patent holder with protection against others stealing their ideas. One argument in favor of these protections argues they encourage innovation by rewarding the effort required to make truly unique products.

Just how far these protections reach was recently questioned in a case that is currently under media scrutiny. The case, FTC v. Qualcomm, involved allegations Qualcomm was engaged in unfair methods of competition. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) essentially argued Qualcomm's practices to protect its patent essentially led to a tax on smart phone makers. The company used a "no license, no chip" practice that it argued was industry standard. The FTC disagreed. As a result, it requested an immediate injunction.

3 Commercial lease must-haves

As a commercial landlord, your biggest focus may be getting solid tenants into vacant space. Idle property can be expensive.

However, when it comes time to rent commercial property, many landlords don't spend enough time making sure their form lease is favorable to their interests. Here are a few commercial lease musts:

Commercial real estate is about to evolve -- are you ready?

Nintey percent of searches for commercial real estate begin online. Gone are the days when people first hopped in a car and drove around to check out potential buildings. Those who are looking to make residential real estate investments can find lots of tools to guide them through the marketplace online. But, the online evolution for commercial property is not yet complete.

Putting loans to work for you

To American business owners getting a loan -- or worse needing a loan -- can be uncomfortable. But a loan is more than just money lent. A loan represents the confidence an institution has in you to get things done.

Entrepreneurs live for the hustle and aim to moderate their risk. However, the additional benefits of getting a significant loan are one tool that anyone with a growing company should examine. Potential advantages include:

Unique issues can arise when tech companies merge

A merger or acquisition deal can result in growth for the acquiring business and a financial payout for the entrepreneurs behind the acquired assets. Tech sector business leaders in these deals face unique challenge.

Four examples include:

Looking at an acquisition in 2019? Learn from Bayer's mistakes.

Bayer, the multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company worth billions, acquired Monsanto to grow its crop science division in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately for Bayer, the acquisition has not unfolded as planned. Fortunately for entrepreneurs throughout the world, the issues that arose with this deal provide a valuable learning opportunity.

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