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Business law attorneys may help in government contract procedures

Business law practitioners in Texas and elsewhere often assist their business clients in obtaining and processing government contracts. Business law transactions dealing with government contracts is an active area where businesses of all sizes often need legal assistance in maneuvering the daunting government turf. The effort to get government contracts can pay off in terms of steady income and setting a solid foundation to the security of the business going forward.

Remember that every year about 23 percent of the $400 to $500 billion in government contract awards are to small businesses. There are some basic steps to getting started. First, the company must register at the appropriate government website. Also, if the ownership of the company consists of disabled veterans, minorities or women, a special certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration must be obtained. The general policy is to give consideration to these groups where appropriate for small business development. 

For very small businesses, utilizing subcontracting may be a more successful path to federal contracts. The government hires primary contractors to subcontract out part of the work to small businesses. The small business may benefit by teaming up with a primary contractor. A database of the primary contractors and a database of subcontracting opportunities are available on the appropriate government websites.

For a primary contract, the business should prepare and submit a proposal. Here, very specific attention to detail is required. It is possible to take workshops through the SBA or other organizations to get help in constructing proposals. A Texas company may also obtain information and assistance from its business law attorney regarding this area of the process. Once the business gets a chance to fulfill a contract award, it must take appropriate steps to assure that the specifications are honored and provided on time.

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