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2019 may be a big year for CRE investments

The stock market has proven a volatile beast throughout 2018. The market rose and fell throughout the year, making 300 to 400-point swings in a single day commonplace. This volatility led many investors to look elsewhere.

A viable alternative: the commercial real estate (CRE) market.

Why would investors consider the CRE market? As noted in a recent publication in the National Real Estate Investor (NRE), equities within this market were relatively stable for the last ten quarters. This has translated to steady growth within the CRE market. The CRE market is also benefiting from increased transparency due to advances in technology to help track data.

How do investors enter the CRE market? Those interested in investing within this market will need to become familiar with its offerings. Investors can choose from favorable areas like multifamily rental units or those deemed less favorable, like retail.

Experts in the field have projected redevelopment as one of the more popular investment areas in the market this year. Two potential examples include:

  • Apartments. Investors could see a quick return after updating apartment complexes twenty years old or more. With proper due diligence, an investor can find a project to update these units to appeal to the 25 to 35-year-old demographic and bring in a fairly quick gain.
  • Office space. Millennials through Baby Boomers are looking for office space that offers amenities. As such, office development could also offer quick rewards.

Those looking to dive into this market are wise to act to protect their interests. An attorney experienced in real estate investing matters can help to better ensure your business interests are protected throughout the process.