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Key commercial real estate focus: zoning, land use considerations

Commercial real estate projects of significant size in Houston and across Texas often feature multi-layered complexity. That reality equally affects principal participants ranging from investors, lenders and developers to project owners, lessees/tenants and myriad additional parties.

The list of challenges – and opportunities as well – in a given commercial transaction can be lengthy and varied. It often comprises matters like the following:

  • Due diligence concerns relevant to planning and development
  • Contract negotiation/execution of key agreements
  • Financing considerations
  • Property management issues and controls
  • Leasing
  • Regulatory compliance spotlighting environmental, hazardous waste and additional concerns

We also note that while Houston is unique among large cities in that it does not have zoning ordinances, there are land use concerns which are critical in transactions. Also, zoning matters do come into play in some of the metro areas nearby to Houston. Compliance in a commercial real estate setting commonly focuses on zoning and land use matters.

Being knowledgeable about and in ready compliance with zoning and related laws is vitally important for commercial real estate deals. Failure to comply can sink an enterprise before it ever launches.

Hiring a law firm with an experienced commercial real estate team is a proven strategy to address concerns early in any transaction. Seasoned real estate attorneys with a demonstrated record can identify issues and ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

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