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Might a Texas link benefit your foreign business enterprise?

We modestly suggest at the proven Houston business law firm of Stephenson Fournier that, if you’re a foreign business seeking to expand into the United States, Texas might reasonably be on your short list of possibilities.

After all, our state is a top-end oil and gas producer with vast resources yet to be tapped. Texas is also arguably ground zero for space exploration in the world, with Houston being home to the Johnson Space Center. Tourism is huge in many locations across the state. Medical companies, global transportation and shipping, financing, high-tech startups – all these fields and more are huge and ever-growing across Texas. And with Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas boasts three of the 10 largest cities in the country.

And this should be duly considered, as underscored on our firm’s website; “If Texas was a country, it would be the 11th largest economy in the world.”

Foreign entities establishing a foothold in Texas have done so in a variety of ways, with multiple possibilities being open that make optimal sense in a given case. Those centrally include these business strategies:

  • Outright purchase of an existing business
  • Start-up establishment
  • Satellite business entity (e.g., North American headquarters)
  • American servicer/distributor for foreign parent company

That is merely a representative list. Additional opportunities also exist.

Local counsel exceptionally connected to the Texas business universe and with demonstrated advocacy on behalf of diverse international clients can play a key role in helping a foreign entity take fullest advantage of Texas’ strong business upside. Among other things, that includes help with entity selection, financing, tax planning, regulatory compliance and myriad additional matters.

We welcome contacts to our firm from offshore businesses across the world seeking tailored and proven legal assistance that fully promotes their key commercial goals.