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Spotlighting a dire company need: safeguarding trade secrets

We focus today at Stephenson Fournier on business entities’ trade secrets, continuing with a theme that we took up in a prior blog post.

We lead off with a nod to Primerus, a society of nearly 200 law firms in 40 countries around the globe providing clients with easy access to the right lawyer, with the right skills, in the right location, and at the right cost.

Primerus bills itself as “a society of the world’s finest, independent boutique law firms.” Its research group has for years carefully screened law office from around the world, demanding top-tier scores on criteria ranging from work product quality and community service to reasonable fees and integrity.

Stephenson Fournier is a proud Primerus member, having qualified based on its attorneys’ broad-based acumen across multiple practice areas.

One of those areas is trade secret protection. Primerus notes, among other things, the firm’s “effective resolution of trade secret disputes [and other matters] as related to proprietary business information.”

Indeed, our attorneys keep the protection of intellectual property rights foremost in mind whether when handling business transactions and or advising directly on trade secret considerations. Trade secret protection includes diligent legal safeguarding of company know-how such as the following:

  • Manufacturing methods and processes
  • Designs and formulae
  • Customer lists and related data
  • Business plans
  • Marketing research and forecasts
  • Proprietary computer programs (including software and algorithms)

We welcome contacts to our firm from business principals regarding any concern related to an entity’s proprietary assets. We note on our website that “nothing is more important to the success of a business than the ability to protect human resources, intellectual property, trade secrets, workplace technology and client relationships.”