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Is Houston on the verge of a major commercial real estate push?

The commercial real estate publication Bisnow conveys a bit of strong sentiment in a recent article spotlighting the Houston-area commercial market.

Whereas one recent report focusing on national urban markets “with the best real estate prospects” materially dings Houston, the Bisnow piece has an altogether different perspective.

The article’s bottom line strongly stresses this: Things are looking up for Houston.

And when Bisnow says “up,” it means that in a most literal sense. Relevant statistics point to a multi-billion-dollar spike in infusions geared toward myriad commercial developments, including high-rise office, industrial and retail ventures.

A real estate principal commenting in the Bisnow piece stresses that reports imparting a dampened outlook for commercial prospects and activity across the Houston area are improperly based on an overly narrow perception.

Those with tunnel vision tend to believe Houston lives and dies based on how the energy sector is doing.

However, diverse empirical evidence clearly indicates that such is not the case. Reportedly, and as noted by Bisnow, “Houston is one of the most diversely populated cities in America.” That diversity provides attractive traction for exponential growth in area businesses broadly spanning retail and high-tech startups to health care and myriad other entrepreneurial opportunities.

Moreover, the market in place to support and nourish commercial growth is evident and growing, with an urban population expansion of nearly 11% since 2010.

For those and additional reasons, notes the above industry commentator, there is a compelling logic to support “being bullish on Houston.”

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