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Texas business leaders’ forum spotlights business vitality

Have you heard of YTexas?

If not, a quick inroad to knowing what that organization is all about might be provided via the suggested alternative title of “Why Texas.” Or even more specifically, by this name posed as an interrogative: “Why Not Texas?”

A recent media report on the group notes that YTexas is “a Texas-based business network [that] connects and supports companies that are relocating, expanding and growing in the Lone Star State.”

The organization recently hosted an inaugural summit in Dallas focused upon Texas’ business climate and future growth-linked picture. The event prominently featured news and stories from more than 20 notable state businesses.

And it especially highlighted some recent laws passed by the state Legislature that have commanded due attention and related accolades in the business community. Those centrally include these two enactments:

  • House Bill 3, which pumps billions of dollars into the state’s educational system
  • House Bill 1525, which imposes an equal-the-playing field on out-of-state businesses that have long sold goods to residents without paying sales taxes

The material infusion of educational dollars is geared in part to better train legions of young people who will be needed to fuel the future expansion of diverse new businesses across the state. And one summit commentator notes that the sales-tax adjustment will put Texas brick-and-mortar companies “on a level playing field with online sellers.”

And then there is the train, which was prominently noted at the forum. The planned development of America’s first high-speed railway (Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes) could conceivably create many thousands of new jobs and attractive opportunities for legions of businesses.

Overall, noted one summit principal, there are myriad reasons to be optimistic about the Texas commercial sphere.

“There’s no question about it,” he told a forum audience. “It’s a very healthy business climate.”