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Houston strong entrant on a list spotlighting retail real estate

There are of course both buyers and sellers in all areas of the country in the realm of commercial retail real estate. Some locales feature depressed levels of activity and falling prices owing to struggling markets, with other pockets having a more pronounced upside.

That is one core takeaway from an industry report released recently by national real estate marketplace firm Ten-X Commercial.

Here’s another: Profit indicators are frenetically flashing green for commercial real investors in a minority of urban areas across the United States. Especially attractive business opportunities exist for buyers who carefully engage in due diligence activity and pull the purchase trigger on what a Ten-X executive calls “strategic retail investments.”

One way of expressing what that means is to simply note this: Don’t just invest in the first mall that advertises lease/purchase opportunities for vacant space.

Store closings and shopping centers that seem destined for ghost towns are of course a current – and steadily growing – reality in metro areas nationally. New money pumped into them often ends up being a lost investment, which makes the commercial retail real estate market a frequently iffy proposition.

Sometimes, though, a transaction pays off materially, which is a bottom-line point stressed in the Ten-X report. Notably, the company’s research underscores that multiple Texas locales are top-line choices for commercial investors looking for places to park capital and realize profits.

Houston is prominently mentioned, ranking as the number-4 “buy market” for retail realty in the country owing to “a booming economy and a resurgent energy sector.” Austin and Dallas also rank high on the Ten-X list. Retail rents in those metros are slated to far outpace the national average over the next several years.

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