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Why Texas shines bright for business participants

First place.

And not even a close contest.

Crunch the numbers on a mixture of factors that collectively assess locales nationally for their commercial vibrancy and the prospects they hold out for business entrepreneurs, and what do you get?

Texas. In fact, the Lone Star State resides prominently at the very top of a list culled from research that closely evaluates the economic terrain for startup principals in every American state.

Candidly, a study authored by the online business analysis firm Comparisun concludes that it is a sound idea for virtually any would-be business player to consider Texas as a default locale for establishing a company.

The reasons why are both many and varied. They centrally include these factors:

  • Comparatively well-educated workforce for employers to tap
  • Business costs expended on labor are cheaper than in many other states
  • Cost of living in Texas is lower than in many other areas of the country, which frees up money for a variety of business purposes
  • No corporate income tax

Those diverse factors help to collectively fuel commercial success for legions of entrepreneurs across the state. An article discussing the Comparisun research (which relied upon data from multiple federal and additional sources) stresses that Texas can objectively be viewed as “the top state in the nation in which to launch a startup company.”

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