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How essential is a brick and mortar office?

There are some aspects of business that seem to change quickly, while other concepts take much longer. When the old ways seem to be working, owners often see no reason to make changes.

As times change, however, people begin to question whether there is a more efficient way to do business. When your business is not tied to a physical address, you can explore different opportunities for your business and your staff.

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider abandoning the concept of a brick and mortar office.

Prepared for emergencies

While there are some benefits for your staff working in one physical location, having the ability for you and your employees to work remotely gives your business a lot of flexibility.

Whether you face an emergency with your facility or a weather-related emergency, if you are not tethered to a physical location, you have more options for continuing operations.

Richer recruitment pool

When you are dedicated to employees coming to a brick and mortar location, you are limited in who you can hire. You could be in a situation where you have to choose someone with less experience because they are willing to drive to your office.

When you choose a fully virtual or partially virtual office, you have more options for who you hire. Not only can you hire people who ordinarily would not be willing to commute to your office, but you can also choose a more qualified candidate on the other side of the country.

Keep in mind that even when there are companies and jobs that require a physical facility, there may be some positions that employees can do from a home office.