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What to do when a partnership becomes problematic

Starting a new business is an exciting time. You and your partner are ready to charge into the future as your company plans develop.

There are times, even when the business is doing well, that your partnership feels strained and awkward. You may not have substantial conflict, but there may still be tension in the relationship.

Here are a few tips if your relationship with your business partner has made work-life uneasy.

Add a neutral third party

When you and your partner are having a difficult time talking about conflicts in the workplace, consider asking someone neutral to the partnership to help you talk about what is happening.

In some cases, a third party can see common stressors or solutions because they have a new perspective, and they are not influenced by the way you have solved problems in the past. Often, looking at the issues from a different point of view can help both you and your partner see a new solution.

Consider renegotiating the partnership

You do not have to dissolve your partnership to resolve the conflict. While there are instances where dissolution is the best option, there are other alternatives, such as:

  • Changing partnership percentages
  • Shifting job responsibilities
  • Adjusting company goals

When you are in the middle of conflict and the uneasiness that it brings, it seems like the only options are partnership or not. If you are your partner are willing to adjust the model for your company, you may be able to work out a new arrangement that is beneficial for both of you.