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Choose a commercial real estate attorney with 3 key qualities

Are you aware of the potential legal issues that can arise when buying or selling commercial property or negotiating leases? You can ease your mind by engaging a subject-matter expert who not only understands applicable laws but also knows how to navigate the many challenges a real estate deal entails.

As you research who may serve as a solid representative for you and your ventures, you should consider three important traits that would impact a lasting, productive alliance.

1. Experience

Rather than relying on a general practitioner or your own personal affairs lawyer, your business could benefit from employing an attorney whose focus is commercial real estate. Conduct your own research to determine which attorneys are highly trained in your areas of need, and which firms have extensive experience with the type of transactions you face.

2. Reliability

Your commercial real estate attorney should boast a strong reputation and a successful record. Locate and review the testimonials of reputable ranking websites and actual clients, as feedback will share honest accounts of client support that you may not directly glean from the lawyer’s website alone.

3. Approachability

When you are managing financial matters and time-sensitive dealings, communication is key. Quick, accurate and thorough answers can positively impact business relationships. Aside from responsiveness, your lawyer should also be an effective listener to fully understand the needs of your organization, properties and assets.

You can focus on your business and allow a skilled lawyer to address the legal details. Purchasing, managing, leasing or selling commercial property can be challenging without the help of a results-driven attorney. Stephenson Fournier is dedicated to making the process simple and stress-free for our clients.