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HP’s company move highlights Houston’s commercial attractiveness

Tech giant Hewlitt Packard Enterprise (an offshoot of parent Hewlitt Packard) recently announced it will switch its company headquarters from San Jose, California, to Houston. Experts project this will cause a ripple effect as other major players in the commercial realm follow suit.

What is it about Houston, though, that is making the technology industry claim it as the new Silicon Valley?”

Houston’s attractiveness as a commercial center

The Houston area has long been a magnet for business growth. That expansion has in turn fueled commercial real estate activity.

A recent Houston Chronicle article reports that HPE’s move into the metro could be an energizing development. It states that relocation “could be a catalyst that drives more companies to the region” and ramps up business development for many commercial participants. Here are some reasons why:

  • New construction and changes to existing commercial properties
  • Attractive opportunities for real estate investors
  • New financing for loans and equity investments
  • Emergence of undeveloped land projects
  • Heightened concern with compliance matters (regulatory controls, permitting and more)
  • Required due diligence activities across a wide spectrum of concerns
  • Property leasing transactions involving negotiations and drafting

Overall, says an area real estate principal, the HPE relocation spells “terrific news for Houston.”

And it also brings potential opportunity across a broad universe. Decision makers in established companies and entrepreneurs in many fields might well be able to take advantage of that.

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