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What are the obstacles to moving an overseas company to Texas?

Texas is a business-friendly state, and many US companies find a move to the Lone Star state in their best interests. However, crossing state lines is relatively simple compared to the perceived difficulty of expanding a company to the US from another country.

The advantages of getting a US foothold for your business are clear, but there are also a few hurdles to accomplishing that goal. However, some of those obstacles are not as difficult as they appear on the surface.

Taxation difficulties?

The United States tax code is notoriously complex, but that complexity belies a clear tax advantage for certain companies in the US. If you wish to move into the American market or perhaps increase your market share here, setting up shop in a business tax-friendly state makes a lot of sense.

How different are the legal realities from what I am used to?

Moving regions, moving countries, is a jarring experience. You might have an intimate level of familiarity with how things work in your country. US federal and state laws will be different. However, that difference does not need to discourage you. Partnering with a firm that has strong credentials in international business matters will simplify such a transition.

Is there a market?

There is almost certainly a market for your company’s products or services in Texas. The US is the wealthiest country on the planet and new products can always find their niche here. Additionally, Houston is one of the largest growing multicultural areas in the US. It may be an optimal testing ground for your company to avoid the high costs associated with other metropolitan areas.

Is it the right moment?

Expanding your company is never an easy choice or simple action, but when the time is right, you should have the confidence that you can succeed.