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New laws that may affect Texas businesses

As a new year begins, several laws passed by the Texas Legislature last year take effect. The new rules may have a wide-ranging impact on many facets of the lives of Texans. Businesses, however, have a duty to understand how they will contend with a new legal landscape.

HB 1445 and medical billing services tax exclusions

This new law allows medical providers to include certain costs associated with medical billing from their taxes. Considering the number of large medical centers in Texas and the number of people who sought medical services this year, this change can represent significant cost savings.

HB 2237 and updates to liens

Commercial property developers rely on contractors, mechanics, materialmen and many other vendors. There are many updates and clarifications to the law here, but among them are:

  • Definition updates to terms such as “subcontractor” and “work.”
  • Adds affidavit requirements to those filing liens
  • Extends the filing date to sue for a foreclosure

These updates to the lien processes are complicated and may change many other aspects of development.

HB 531 and tenant notifications

If you own and operate a residential property, such as an apartment complex, you now must notify new tenants if your property is in a 100-year flood plain or has flooded in the last five years. If the tenant does not receive such a notice and their home floods, the landlord can be liable for damages.

HB 2730 and eminent domain

There are several updates to the eminent domain laws of Texas. These are relevant to property owners on both sides of the issue, developers and farmers whose land may be subject to eminent domain and developers who seek to secure a property through eminent domain. This is a complicated area of the law and you should seek thoughtful guidance to ensure compliance.


HB 3131 and business entity mailing addresses

This is a relatively minor change, requiring an initial mailing address for business entities. Before this change, a business did not necessarily need to have a mailing address to secure a business.

New legal landscapes may demand skilled legal guidance

These are just a few laws that may affect businesses in Texas. If you have a question about how a new law impacts your business, you can speak with a skilled attorney to get the answers you need.