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Asset management firms engage in complex business transactions

Financial management and investment companies in Texas and elsewhere engage in mergers and acquisitions just like other corporate entities. For example, Voya Financial, Inc., a publicly-traded investment management firm, recently announced that it will divest itself of its annuity business and sell that segment to an investment consortium led by Apollo Global Management, LLC and Reverence Capital Partners. The divestiture will allow Voya to concentrate on its retirement, investment management and employee benefits businesses. These kinds of business transactions take place regularly, both nationally and internationally.

Business transactions may include building and selling a business

Building up and selling an online business is a popular business project in Texas and throughout the country. The business will sell more successfully if certain typical standards are followed while building it. Business transactions involving the sale of the business will be more economically fruitful if the business owners have the goal of making a big exit right from the start.

New entrepreneurship grows new kinds of business transactions

One constant factor of conducting a business enterprise in Texas and elsewhere is that change will sustain a company's future successes. Change is no longer a luxury that a large company may or may not decide to foster. Change in the dynamics of business transactions and business operations is a necessity for survival in a world of nearly constant technological innovations.

Business transactions include mergers and acquisitions

In Texas and elsewhere, a business merger can embody a variety of different types of transactions. The merger may be attempting to merge two companies on a relatively equal basis due to their similar capital value. Business transactions can also involve the incorporation of a smaller business in the larger one as a subsidiary, in which case it may be referred to as an acquisition or a merger.

Business transactions include the sale of subsidiary companies

Most prominent industries in Texas, including the supermarket industry, must at times adapt to changing technologies and market trends to stay relevant and keep up with a changing landscape. Recently, one supermarket giant, Kroger, announced that it is considering selling off its convenience store businesses. That part of the company is worth $1.4 billion, with stores in 18 states. Business transactions like this one may allow a company to focus on its core operations.

Mergers and acquisitions are critical business transactions

The process of conducting and completing mergers and acquisitions in Texas and elsewhere is a weighty one. It requires the right attention to communications techniques both within and outside of the corporation. Indeed, some corporate teams exist solely to handle the dissemination of information and the substantive communications that are a part of these kinds of critical business transactions.

Business transactions often include specialty purchases

A major aspect of commercial transactions in Texas and globally involves the acquisition of business entities by other entities. In such business transactions, big companies often buy smaller companies, or a specialized segment of another company, to fill a perceived void in the purchaser's business plan. Thus, for example, Volvo recently purchased a valet parking startup called Luxe to parlay parts of the smaller entity's digital capabilities into its own marketing needs.

Contract disputes and compulsory arbitration, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the use of compulsory arbitration to resolve contract disputes. Last time, we briefly looked at a dispute in the oil and gas telecommunications sector in which the parties will be making use of arbitration at the end of next month.

Contract disputes and compulsory arbitration, P.1

Contract disputes are quite common in every industry, since because contracts are used in nearly every business transaction. When contract disputes arise, parties need to have an effective way of resolving the disagreement and compensating one another for losses. 

Shareholders: work with experienced legal counsel to exercise rights around mergers, P.2

Previously, we began discussing shareholders’ rights of dissent and appraisal in connection with merger transactions. As we noted last time, shareholders with voting rights don’t always have dissent and appraisal rights in every case, and in cases where they otherwise do, they can forfeit them if they fail to properly exercise them.

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