Business-Minded Legal Solutions

What does full-scale oil and gas legal representation entail?

When a law firm holds itself out as an entity that helps the virtual universe of actors in the oil and gas industry resolve challenges and exploit opportunities, that is saying something.

Especially in Texas.

We modestly make the claim at Stephenson Fournier in Houston. The deep legal team at our established law office has been providing wide-ranging industry participants with knowledgeable and tailored legal assistance for decades.

What clients does a proven gas/oil legal practice represent?

The individuals and business entities that seek effective legal input on gas and oil-related matters are many and diverse. They centrally include clients like these:

  • Pipeline owners
  • Land owners (e.g., farm and ranch principals)
  • Lessors and lessees
  • Investors at various stages of production/development
  • Industry companies
  • Royalty owners

Those participants (and many others not listed here) have broadly varied interests, which seasoned oil/gas attorneys are well equipped to promote.

What contracts and documents are prevalent in the industry?

Unsurprisingly, the legal agreements and linked documentation that feature in oil and gas transactions are myriad and widely focused. The following bulleted contracts spotlight just a sliver of the many contractual agreements and forms that oil/gas legal counsel routinely focus upon:

  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Exploration agreements
  • Financing agreements, documents and forms
  • Operating contracts
  • Participation agreements
  • Development and joint venture agreements

Houston is of course a ground-zero locale globally for oil and gas company headquarters and it offers exciting opportunities for diverse business principals.

Experienced industry attorneys routinely help valued clients fully develop their varied commercial interests.