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Skilled Handling Of All The Details Involved In Oil And Gas Transactions

At Stephenson Fournier in Texas, our lawyers represent oil and gas companies, working interest owners, royalty owners, active and passive upstream and midstream investors, pipeline owners, midstream companies, farm and ranch owners, lessees and lessors, and other stakeholders in oil and gas transactions and contracts.

We handle upstream and midstream oil and gas contracts and agreements of all kinds, and we represent clients in significant acquisitions and sales of producing properties, pipelines, and oil and gas assets, as well as related financing and loan transactions. Oil and gas transactions often involve purchase and sale agreements, oil and gas exploration agreements, operating agreements and related loan documents, all areas in which we provide sophisticated representation.

Safeguarding Your Interests Every Step Of The Way

Our founder, Jim Stephenson, has extensive experience representing clients who develop oil and gas projects and explore for oil and gas. His practice overlaps with many areas of law that affect our oil and gas clients, such as real estate law, tax law and environmental concerns, giving him a depth and breadth of knowledge that is critical in many cases.

Partner Juli Fournier also as significant depth of experience representing companies exploring for and producing oil and gas, as well as working interest owners, and oil and gas investors since 1986. In addition to handling significant purchases and sales of producing properties, she assists our oil and gas clients with corporate, LLC and partnership transactions, and with matters such as negotiating contracts and drafting agreements relating to oil and gas investments.

We bring a wealth of legal knowledge and resources to each transaction we handle, focusing on delivery of high-quality legal advice with regard for our clients’ business and economic interests. To discuss your legal needs, contact our Texas lawyers online, or call 713-629-9494.

Oil And Gas Contracts

Our energy transaction attorneys represent oil and gas companies and investors with respect to exploration and production issues, as well as in the acquisition and divestiture of producing and nonproducing properties. We also advise oil and gas finance and capital investment clients concerning property and due diligence matters. Examples of the contracts we handle include:

  • Participation agreements
  • Farmouts
  • Areas of mutual interest
  • Exploration agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Joint venture agreements

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