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Why is it a good time to be an entrepreneur in Texas, nationally?

Steve Strauss provides some insight — coupled with seemingly near exuberance — in response to today’s above-posed blog headline at Stephenson Fournier.

Strauss certainly seems amply qualified to spotlight and discuss the business opportunity landscape across the United States. Among other things, he has authored multiple books on the subject.

Strauss recently penned a business-themed piece for USA Today that enthusiastically underscores what he stresses is a wide-open commercial field for legions of would-be and new business entrants.

He puts it this way, with emphasis: “It is THE greatest time to be an entrepreneur, ever.”

Actually, Strauss is far from being alone in pointing out the positive business vibes that are distinctly measurable across many areas of the country. We recently noted the marked business vitality apparent in Texas in a recent firm blog post. We noted in our October 23 entry the view emerging from a recent commercial summit in Dallas concerning the state’s “very healthy business climate.”

Strauss points to one key catalyst that he says is fundamentally driving more interest in the business world from smart and creative entrepreneurs.

Namely, that is technology, specifically its constant evolution into more mobile and flexible platforms that users can interact with to guide and grow new enterprises. New tools now enable company principals to more easily enter the business world, market their services and wares, identify customer leads, maintain key business records and more.

“Technology has transformed the playing field,” Strauss writes.

So too does timely and on-point professional input from an experienced business law legal team. Savvy new business players — as well as established company principals – can merge their growing use of mobile technologies with reliance upon the proven counsel of practiced attorneys that aims always to maximize the best efforts of valued clients.