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Business financing, loan transactions for a commercial principal

The sphere of commercial lending is hardly a straightforward matter in the business universe.

First of all, many and diverse actors can be involved. We spotlight their identities and the tailored work that our deep legal team at Stephenson Fournier does for all of them on our long-established Houston law firm’s website. We underscore therein that central participants in commercial lending transactions span a broad spectrum of interested parties. Those range from banks and other lenders to investors and, of course, business entrepreneurs and company owners.

Another key focus in the lending sphere that is coupled with the often diverse mix of parties involved stresses the sheer variety of loan types and financing arrangements that can be negotiated and legally executed. Stephenson Fournier attorneys routinely work on loans and financing matters related to the following and additional matters:

  • Large-scale construction and industrial projects
  • Buyouts, mergers and acquisitions
  • Assignment and assumption deals
  • Loan workouts and modifications
  • Enterprise development/expansion plans
  • Infusions geared toward an increase in working capital

Some law offices customarily provide fragmented and piecemeal help on such matters, which are understandably complex and highly nuanced generally.

Stephenson Fournier is not one of those firms. Although our practiced legal team does frequently consult with valued and diverse clients on narrowly specified and discrete matters, our representation often goes far beyond that. We negotiate, review and draft key agreements. We conduct and oversee start-to-finish due diligence activities. We deal with third-party principals (e.g., insurers and business regulators). We pay attention to licensing issues, permit requirements, environmental considerations and more.

Our advocacy in every matter is geared toward securing positive and cost-effective results that yield optimal client outcomes.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to spotlight our attorneys’ proven work product advancing the interests of business principals in Texas and beyond.