Business-Minded Legal Solutions

Choosing The Right Business Entity

At Stephenson Fournier, we help well capitalized clients throughout Texas form, organize, operate, transfer, sell and dissolve corporations, general and limited partnerships, and limited liability companies.

The value we offer as a law firm can be seen in the quality of our work, our common sense approach and our emphasis on responsive client service. These qualities have helped us build strong, long-term relationships with many of our clients over the years, and this is the goal we aspire to achieve with each new client we serve.

Startup Considerations

There are numerous factors that can influence the choice between a corporation, limited liability company and a partnership, including federal, state, and local tax laws and liability concerns. Sometimes a combination of several entities is needed to optimize a business strategy. There are also important decisions to be made with respect to structure, governance and a litany of other issues.

These include:

  • Financing — We can help you secure appropriate financing to get a business started.
  • Organizational Documents — Our attorneys can  create the necessary documents according to your particular business strategy and goals to properly document and organize your business.
  • Risk management Risks such as operating liabilities and the chance of costly litigation must be managed. We can help you protect your business assets and other interests.

Our Texas attorneys have extensive experience with negotiating and drafting corporate, partnership and LLC governance documents, ownership agreements and other instruments needed to form these business entities. Whichever type of entity you choose, our attorneys will work closely with you throughout that formation process, remain attentive to your concerns and goals, and help you understand how to make it all work.

Ongoing Support

Once your corporation, LLC, general partnership or limited partnership is up and running, our lawyers can provide you with high-quality legal services for everything from counsel on concerns affecting your day-to-day operations to significant and complex transactions, including mergers, acquisitions or selling the business itself.

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