Business-Minded Legal Solutions

Starting A Business In Texas

Start strong. Grow quickly, yet sensibly. Exit profitably. It’s difficult to find fault with this simple strategy, but making it all actually happen is a great deal more complicated.

At Stephenson Fournier, we have decades of experience with the issues, challenges and potential obstacles that can impact a business throughout the course of its life span. That experience enables us to help clients to plan for success, navigate the entity formation process and get new ventures off to a strong start. Representative examples of the services we offer for business formation and startups statewide include:

  • Selecting the optimal type of entity for your needs. Subchapter C corporation, Subchapter S corporation, non-profit, LLC, partnership, limited partnership, and PLLC are some of the many options. For some businesses we recommend multiple entities to achieve our clients’ goals
  • Drafting organizational and governance documents and establishing compliance with governance requirements
  • Negotiating and drafting operating agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements and other types of agreements among co-owners
  • Filing the appropriate forms and documentation with government entities
  • Purchasing the right types of insurance
  • Raising capital/securing financing
  • Structuring equity compensation and option plans
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Developing and implementing sound employment policies

Understanding The Moving Parts ♦ Achieving Your Goals

Although we tailor solutions to the unique needs of each client, there are some key areas of concern common to many of the startup clients we have served over the years. These include optimizing for taxes, developing capital structure, allocation of profit and loss,  and issues regarding operation and control of the business itself. Our lawyers will work closely with you to identify all of the issues and potential problems, understand how all the moving parts work and arrive at a solution that will achieve your goals.

Lastly, our attorneys also provide ongoing assistance with strategic decisions and planning for everything from routine legal matters to extraordinary transactions and anything in between.

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