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Business Owner Buy-Sell Agreements

A strong, carefully drafted buy-sell agreement is critical for most businesses with more than one owner, yet many entrepeneurs overlook this critical point in their ownership documents.

At Stephenson Fournier, we understand the necessity of buy-sell agreements and other agreements among business owners. We offer the experience, business acumen, common sense and statewide representation needed to see these negotiations through to successful conclusion.

We also recognize that each business ownership situation is unique, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Key aspects of these agreements may include triggering events (such as death, disability, retirement or a dispute), exit strategy, voting agreements, management and governance provisions, pricing and valuation and registration rights, tag-along rights, and drag-along rights.

Bearing this in mind, we pay close attention to the concerns and goals of each client, the structure and demands of the particular business, and a variety of other factors in order to draft buy-sell agreements that take into account tax concerns, cash constraints, and asset protection strategies.

An Ownership Agreement Specific To Your Business

Over the past decades, our lawyers have worked with individuals, families, stockholders, managers, members and partners involved in a variety of ownership situations. As attorneys, we negotiate and draft numerous types of agreements for co-owners of businesses, including operating agreements, management agreements, partnership and LLC agreements, shareholder agreements and equity owner agreements.

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