Business-Minded Legal Solutions

Raising Capital For A Business

There are no substitutes for the benefits that knowledgeable legal counsel can provide with respect to raising capital for your business and the issues related to that process. Following are some of the services provided by the Texas attorneys of Stephenson Fournier:

  • Identifying potential investment sources
  • Determining the right structure for your private offering
  • Developing a sound exit strategy for investors
  • Preparing your private placement memorandum (PPM) and other key documents such as term sheets, subscription agreements and corporate organizational documents or LLC agreements
  • Due diligence review

We help clients comply with the myriad state and federal laws and regulations that apply to private offerings of securities and acquiring the funds for start ups, operating capital, expansion, creating strategic alliances and restructuring.

A Wealth Of Legal Experience Working For You

For decades, our attorneys have been doing this type of transactional work for companies both large and midsized with ownership or  operations in Texas. Our wealth of experience has given us a deep understanding of the issues associated with private offerings for raising capital, and we use this knowledge to offer complete legal solutions in each instance.

As part of the process, our lawyers will work closely with you to develop a full understanding of the equity of your new startup or existing business. We assist you to ensure that appropriate disclosures are made, and to avoid taking actions that might be in conflict with existing obligations or requirements.

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