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Becoming a franchisee is a great way to get into a new business. There is comfort and security in opening a business that comes with a known name and an established brand. However, buying or opening a franchise can be a daunting process that involves applying for and receiving approval from the franchisor, paying various fees and startup costs, reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Documents and signing contracts including the all-important franchise agreement and, often, a real estate lease.

At Stephenson Fournier, our attorneys represent the rights and interests of franchisees in Houston and throughout Texas. We are experienced business law advisors who can provide you with guidance and answer your questions at any stage in the franchising process.

Negotiating Franchise Agreements To Protect Your Interests

The future health and profitability of your franchise depends on you and your franchisor and the agreement you enter into. Matters that are addressed in the franchise agreement include:

  • Costs and fees owed to the franchisor
  • Advertising and marketing responsibilities
  • Other duties of the franchisor and franchisee
  • Restrictions placed upon the operation of the business
  • Confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation provisions
  • Assignment and termination provisions

An unfavorable or ambiguous clause could result in lost profits and even future lawsuits. We review and negotiate franchise agreements for franchisees with acute attention to detail, protecting our clients from costly surprises.

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